Chairman’s Message

The evolution of medicine and improvements made in public health have rapidly increased life expectancy in the 20th century. As a result, we have now gained a very long period of time in our lives which can be called “the second life.” However, we wonder how much happiness we derive from such long period of leisure.


Strokes and other central nervous system injuries often end up with complications even if one narrowly escapes death, significantly lowering the patient’s quality of life. Moreover, more often than not, the symptom imposes a big burden on the family.


We are developing a new medical technology that treats injuries to the central nervous system by leveraging man’s innate healing power.

The central nervous system was previously known to be irreparable once damaged. However, the discovery that it could be repaired not only promises to make a significant contribution to the development of medicine, but also helps us acknowledge once again life’s enormous latent power.

We believe that building on this resource will offer a life that is marked by reassurance, safety, and wellness—a value that we believe is demanded in medicine of the 21st century.

Keishin Sasaki, Chairman

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